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Dynamic Solutions for Farmers

How can Humboldt Ag Supply and it’s family of related businesses help me and my farm? I’m happy you asked! We can save you money by taking stock of what the soil at your farm already has, making a plan to bring your soil up to the a sustainable standard so you can get the best performance out of your genetics at your location.

It All Starts with a test

Soil Testing Visualized

Agricultural testing can quickly become your new best friend. You see, historically cannabis farmers were reactive growers for the most part. If your plants started showing signs of nutrient deficiency, you bought something to fix it. If you saw spider mite webs on your flowers, you purchased some pesticides to deal with it so you could get to harvest.


In each of those cases, the growers reacted to what they saw in the plant with a purchase or a new plan of action. The problem with this is that when you react to your plants or pests, you’ve already got a problem and your plants are suffering from. It takes time (and money) for your crop to recover, and all of that energy, be it light, nutrients, or moister, will be spent not on oil production or trichome density, but on healing the damage already done. That costs time to resolve, money to fix, and lost weight when hitting the market.

Enter Agriculture Testing. Before you even plant (or just after you’ve finished processing your last harvest) you should take several soil samples and drop them off at one of our soil test drop off locations. Our partner Northcoast Horticulture Supply will accept your soil sample and will run it through their rigorous scientific testing to determine exactly what the soil and water of your farm needs.

With the knowledge of exactly what nutrients your farm’s soil already has in it, we can devise a Nutrient Management Plan that will save you money and increase your yields. Why put extra Potassium in your soil when already have a bunch in your soil, but locked up in a way your plants can’t get to? That calls for a chelating agent in order to separate coordinate bonds, allowing your plants to uptake the nutrients you’ve already purchased and poured into you farm’s personal ecosystem.

It’s only after we collect and analyze the data that we can form a plan of action. Sometimes it’s creating a custom blend of soil amendments to raise the levels of lacking nutrients, or to adjust the soil structure to improve root growth. 

Knowing the history of a farm is a great place to start making decisions for its future. Having firm, verifiable data can make you feel secure that you are making the correct choices for both the economic and environmental future of your personal enterprise. 

Science & Growing, Together Again

So, when off the shelf is off the mark, we provide scientifically formulated amendments and soil blends tailored to your growing style, microclimate, and varietals. Custom amendments and soils can help you streamline your nutrient management — reducing labor and the potential for human error. All the ingredients come pre-blended, so you won’t need to weigh, measure, or meter out individual materials.

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