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Dry Amendments

Dry Amendments

Apply the right dry product at the right time to improve or repair soil.

To amend soil means to improve it with additional materials. These soil amendments or soil conditioners improve the physical nature of soil. They reduce compaction, aerating the soil to allow water and nutrients to more easily move through it and reach plant roots. Some soil amendments also add nutrients to the soil, help retain moisture and help maintain the correct pH balance. We call this type Dry Amendments

View the products below to see the types of products that we sell and add to our custom blends that correct pH or add nutrient value. If you are looking to change the structure of your soil, head over to Soil Conditioners

Alfalfa Meal (2-0.52-2) 50lbsAlfalfa Meal (2.5-0-2.5) provides nutrition for both the plant and the soil. It is full of vitamins, minerals, sugars, starches, proteins, fiber and amino acids.

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Sparetime Archipelago Bat Guano (0-7-0) 3#Rock Phos (0-7-0) is used during the flowering stage of plant development and increases fruit and flower production while creating a more flavorful and aromatic fruit.

This Bat guano is high in nitrogen, great for the start of a season or to get some extra growth.

Sparetime Bloodmeal (13-0-0) 50lbsBlood Meal (12-0-0) is a fast-acting nitrogen supplement used for the early growing phase.  

Sparetime Steamed Bonemeal 1-12-0 50lbsBone Meal is an excellent source of slow-release phosphorus, calcium and some trace minerals. Bone meal is intended to be stirred into the soil or top dressed. This is not a complete fertilizer.

Calcitic limestone

Calphos is a soft rock phosphate

Crab shell 4-2-0

Dolomite Lime AG No 65 50lbsDolomite Ag Lime contains calcium and magnesium, acting as a slow-release amendment, it also helps raise soil pH.

Epsom salt

Sparetime Feathermeal (12-0-0) 4 lbsFeather Meal (12-0-0) is a good source of slow-release nitrogen and is designed to be mixed into the soil or used as a top dress. It is not a complete fertilizer. 4 lbs

Fishbone meal

Sparetime Gaia Glacial Rock Dust (0-0-1) 50lbs

Glacial Rock Dust is a soil additive intended to provide a natural source of trace minerals and micronutrients in order to promote a healthy life cycle.

Gypsum 40#Gypsum penetrates the clay particles in heavy soils, helps loosen the soil structure and adds calcium and sulfur for overall plant health. Pure gypsum is 23 percent calcium and 19 percent sulfate (CaSO4-2H2O)

Clay soils in commercial agricultural sites are often treated with gypsum to help break up the clay and enhance calcium, which breaks up excess sodium.

Canadian Kelp Meal 50lbs (Sifted)Kelp Meal is a pure extract of ascophyllum nodosum and provides trace minerals as well as small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. 

Certified organic soy bean derivative — fast to medium nitrogen release.

Cultured in brewery wastewater; recover nutrients stripped during wastewater treatment.

Feed soil microbes with a medium nitrogen release rate.

Pacific Pearl Oyster Shell Flour 50lbs

Oyster Shell Flour is a soil conditioner and pH adjuster derived from the crushed shells of oysters. This product provides a steady release of calcium while improving fertilizer uptake and soil tilth.

Palm Bunch Ash (0-0-15) provides high amounts of potassium to plants and helps neutralize acidic soils.

Granite dust with magnetite encourages electromagnetic current in roots.

Salinas Veggie Mix 8-4-4 WSDA organic, OIM

Seabird Guano (2-10-5)

Seabird Guano (2-7-0)

Blue Ocean Pelletized Nitrogen Seabird Guano (12-12-2.5) 55 lbs

Pelletized Nitrogen Seabird Guano (12-12-2.5) is a pelletized all-purpose fertilizer that supplies the plant with macro and micro elements necessary for a healthy plant. This product is OMRI listed.  (Unavailable Nationwide until 2022)

Shrimp Shell (6-9-0)

Sparetime Steamed Bonemeal 1-12-0 50lbsSteamed Bone Meal (3-15-0) is an excellent source of slow-release phosphorous, calcium and some trace minerals. Bone meal is intended to be stirred into the soil or top dressed. This is not a complete fertilizer.

Allganic Potassium Sulfate of Potash (0-0-52) 50lbs Potassium Sulfate of Potash (0-0-52) provides a great source of potassium as well as sulfur, which improves overall health and production of plants. This product is OMRI listed.

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