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Liquid Nutrients

Instant nutrient delivery for quick boosts to soil vitality and plant production.

Liquid Nutrients provide instant nutrient delivery for quick boosts to soil vitality and plant production. They are amazing for quick recovery from accidental overfeeding or over watering, as well as a quick way to snap back from unexpected nutrient or environmental deficiencies 

See some of our favorite Liquid Nutrients in the list below.

Eco-Hydro Fish 1.5-3-0.2 Omri listed, OIM, WSDA Approved

Eco-Hydro Shrimp (0-7-0)

Eco-Nereo Kelp is OMRI listed, OIM, and WSDA Organic

Fish Concentrate 4-2-0

Fish Hydrolysate 2-5-0.2

Molasses (0-0-2) is great for feeding your soil life. OMRI listed and OIM.

Phyta-Cal QC Wsda Organic, Oim

Phyta-Set QC Wsda Organic, Oim. Calcium And Boron Organic Foliar Spray Delivers Nutrients Immediately.

Phytamin All Purpose 4-3-4 Omri, Oim

Phytamin Clear (4-0.3-1) OMRI listed, OIM

Phytamin Fish 3-2-0 OMRI listed, OIM

Phytamin Gold 5-1-2 Omri, Oim
Liquid Fish Hydrolysate Offers Fast Nitrogen Application For Microbial Growth.

Plant Extract 3-2-2
Tappin’ Roots 4 In 1 Plant Tonic

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Looking for More Liquid Nutrients?

If you are looking for more liquid nutrients, please check out our sister company Northcoast Horticulture Supply, which is a full service hydroponics retail shop with farm-direct pricing and a long history of serving the customers of Humboldt County and beyond.

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